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I'm Late, I'm Late, For A Very Important Date

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Hey gang, sorry today's FTB is a little bit tardy. I got stuck at work a little earlier than I expected, so If I'm missing your link, please throw it into the comments, and I'll be sure to update the list in a bit.

A few game reviews to peruse today, and as usual, we turn to James Mirtle first for quotes and some audio from Wilson, post-game:

"Our defence got overwhelmed in the first period and basically the game was over at 4-0," Leafs coach Ron Wilson said. "I don’t have any idea [why that happened]. We stopped skating. They beat us to every loose puck in our zone."



Leaf Links:

Game recap from Jonas Siegel

"Tough night for him," said Beauchemin. "He hasn’t played in a while and then we show up like this; we didn’t help him out at all."

LeafsHQ Game in 10

The latest from Xterratu

Patience, you must have

A few thoughts from VLM

Can Gustavsson turn back the clock?

To regain his form of earlier this year? I'd like to think so.


Other Hockey Links:

Wyshynski's 3 Stars

Guess who's number one?

Top CHL Prospects Game Review

OK, so these tournaments don't drastically change the way teams think about any of their scouted players, but it's always worth a look anyway. If you're like me, you hear about these guys so rarely that you've got to take every chance you get.

Bad News On the Marlie Front

Screw you, Bill Sweatt.


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