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Win A Free Jersey Courtesy Of Stan Lee

Best responses so far:
"Immovable object? So it's Kyle Wellwood." "If you cut him open you won't find any rings after 67"
Best responses so far: "Immovable object? So it's Kyle Wellwood." "If you cut him open you won't find any rings after 67"

The NHL Guardian Project just released Toronto's superhero: The Maple Leaf. Befitting the largest fanbase in the NHL we have the biggest Guardian. Bangin Panger has a great post on the Guardians and their superhero inspirations but I think he'll have his work cut out for him. The description of The Maple Leaf features the following:

The Maple Leaf, or "Trunk" as the rest of the Guardians know him, is one of the funniest of the Guardians. Always quick with a joke or a sarcastic barb, the Maple Leaf often disarms his opponents by bringing levity to tense situations.

Sounds like Leafs fans are the real Guardian. While this is clearly targeted towards a younger demographic than that which posts here there is something that will interest anyone here: A free Maple Leafs' jersey.

More details after the jump.

These Are The Details

  1. You must be a resident of the US or Canada (excluding Quebec because they are a distinct nation).
  2. You must be a member of Pension Plan Puppets.
  3. You must be following me (@mlse) on Twitter.
  4. You must be a Leafs fan.
  5. You have to tweet the message below if you have twitter or re-tweet my tweet.
  6. Regardless, you have to post a message detailing the name of the current Maple Leaf you'd want on a jersey and why.
  7. Contest closing time is 5pm EST January 24th, 2011. I'll notify the winner by e-mail.

Here is the message that you have to tweet/re-tweet for your chance to win the jersey or the Guardian graphic novel.

RT 4 a chance to win an @NHL Jersey and Guardian Project Graphic Novel from @mlse. Vote for your team


Grand Prize: One Maple Leafs' jersey with the player of your choice
Runner Up: Guardian Project Graphic Novel

Info About the Guardian Project

Spawned from the mind of comic book legend Stan Lee, the Guardian Project tells the unique story of a boy
who has the ability to transform his imaginary best friends into superheroes. Mike Mason is the leader of the
30Guardians, the greatest team of superheroes ever assembled (represented by each NHL team).

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube