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Housekeeping: The Leafs Nation

You've likely noticed by now that Chemmy, SkinnyFish, and I have been plying our trade over at The Leafs Nation (we wanted to call it Leafs RAUP but the name was already chosen). Or as we call it "PPP2: Electric Bugaloo". In addition, Slava Duris has been doing yeoman's work on tracking scoring chances.

One of the reasons we signed up was because writers like Jonathan Willis at Oilers Nation and Kent Wilson at Flames Nation (can you sense a pattern? Oh wait, Vancouver's fanbase is so small they just get Canucks Army) gave strong recommendations to the management of The Nation Network. That they have Two-Line Pass, Lowetide, and Robert Cleave also helped. And yes, I do ignore the guys like Steve Lansky, Jason Gregor, Robin Brownlee, Eric Johnson, and the mostly TSN-level commenters. On that note, it's important that you guys drop by and make some comments to fight back against their extreme ignorance.

Finally, we're able to edit comments. Skinny and I have had some good times messing with Oilers fans' comments. That's really worth it on its own. But they pay us instead. Suckers.

So what does this mean for you? Well, as you can tell when you visit, the blogroll is terrible. So what I need from you guys are links to your blogs, tumblrs, other blogs, tumblrs, and anyone you think should be included in the blogroll. Then I'd politely ask that you add The Leafs Nation to your blogroll and your RSS readers.