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Two Games, One Night, No Losers

Tonight at 7pm the puck drops for Leafs vs Bruins. At 7:30pm, it also drops for USA vs Canada in the WJC. Picking which game to watch is a no-brainer for me. What about for you?

Here be your links.

Crabb Reigniting Disappointing Duo

How Bozak and Kessel became Crabb people

Leafs Victorious in Nation's Capital

A late game recap from LNO

Game 37 in 10

11 - I will never tire of hearing Alfredsson booed on home ice.

MLHS and Burkenomics

Did you know Komisarek's NTC has an out? Nice.

Game 37 Scoring Chances

Courtesy of Slava Duris and The Leafs Nation

Little Guys Have Always Been Fan Favorites

VLM wants to know who your's were/are.

Advantage Team USA

Even Canadians know who's the best