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Bruins at Leafs: Fast Kickin', Low Scorin'

Mystery Goaltender vs. Tuukka Rask

In a perfect world the Bruins wouldn't have a goaltender to play tonight because Rask would be all ours. Excuse me I need to wipe the drool off of my shirt. The last game against Boston was without a doubt the best game I've watched all year; Kris Versteeg burying it under the pipe to force OT and Kessel dekeing Tim Thomas clean into the net sealed the deal.

Tonight I'm guessing a lot of us will be tuning into the World Juniors to see Exalted Heroes Jeremy Morin and Jerry D'Amigo take on the freedom hating Canadians.

Ron Wilson claims Jonas Gustavsson is getting the start but he said that right up until gametime against Ottawa. James Reimer earned at least another start and with Giguere's return imminent it's easy to think the Leafs might have to throw him in net again.

Per Jonas Siegel John Mitchell and Brett Lebda remain scratches. Halle-hot-dog-lujah.