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World Juniors Armageddon: Canada v. USA

Last year in Saskatoon, the illiterate John Carlson failed to read the script and scored the overtime winner to give the US their second ever goal medal in World Juniors history. Fun Fact: Canada has won gold five times in a row two times. Canadians are generally demure in touting our superiority in any number of areas. I could give you a laundry list of reasons why Canada is great but that's not our style. We all know the reasons and you do too. It would be uncouth to shove them in everyone's faces.

But there is one exception: hockey. This is the one sport where Canadians do not accept participant ribbons. It's gold or bust. I don't think it's a surprise that this is the one sport which we dominate at every level. Tonight's game is not just about revenge but about reminding excitable American fans that, like in soccer, no matter how much they spend they'll never be the top dog.