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All-Star Weekend Has Come and Gone. Time for Hockey.

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Damn. They are so much better looking than I am.
Damn. They are so much better looking than I am.


Well Phil Kessel didn't have a great All-Star Game. 0 points, 3 shots, and a +1 rating. However, he didn't have the worst. That honor would belong to Keith Yandle who had 0 points, 3 shots, and a -3 rating; the worst on either team. I still haven't figured out how Patrick Sharp wins the MVP with a 1 goal, 2 assists outing for the losing side considering Loui Eriksson has 2 goals and 2 assists, and Shea Weber had 4 assists and was a +6 on the evening. I'm guessing the voters simply knew he needed a new car.

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