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Toronto Needs a Plinkett Review

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If you don't know what a Plinkett Review is, then head over to right now, watch all three Star Wars prequel reviews and come back to this article in 6 hours. Seriously go now. For those of you left, you know that "Plinkett" is a guy who reviews terrible movies and picks them apart to inform you the viewer about how terrible they truly are on so many more levels than you were even aware of. The man knows movies. I've just finished watching his Episode III review (epic) and have come to the realization that the Leafs are much like the Star Wars franchise; they were both once great and amazing to watch but then they were led astray by people who didn't understand what they were doing and have ended up as terrible messes.

Star Wars was destroyed by its very own creator, George Lucas. Somewhere along the line, he was given too much power over the franchise and the prequels resulted. Brian Burke is the latest in a long line of general managers who, as Lucas, didn't understand what they were doing and we the viewing public have paid for these mistakes. Brian Burke's tenure, I believe, is a perfect candidate for a Plinkett style review.

#1 - A complete lack of ability to properly judge on-ice talent. Examples: Brett Lebda, Mike Komisarek, Garnet Exelby, Rickard Wallin, Colby Armstrong, Tyler Bozak, Martin Gerber. Who wants a Burkie dog? Send me a self addressed, stamped envelope if you want a Burkie dog.

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