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Blues at Leafs: Welcome Back Mr. Carlo

Jonas Gustavsson vs. Jaroslav Halak

Alex Steen and Carlo Colaiacovo return to the ACC for the first time since we shipped them out for Lee Stempniak who is and was a big jerk face. The Leafs and Blues last met in St. Louis on February 12th. In their last game before the Olympic break the Leafs got slapped around 4-0 which saw Steen score and Colaicovo record an assist. Since that time the Blues have added Jaroslav Halak while the Leafs have seen their offense fall off.

It's hard to predict the results of a game when two teams rarely play each other, and the Leafs have done fairly well vs. Halak (though his save percentage in those games is a .919). Jonas Gustavsson enters this game with the 24th ranked ESSV% in the league. The Leafs will need to continue doing what they've been doing: stay out of the penalty box, capitalize on whatever chances they can, and pray for good goaltending.