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Leafs are Canadian, But Not That Canadian

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Recap of Last Night's Game - St. Louis Game Time

First of all, when Lee Stempniak came back to St. Louis as a Maple Leaf last year, did the fans boo him? Of course not. I cannot fathom why Leaf fans were booing Alexander Steen and Brad Boyes and (presumably, though I didn't specifically hear it) Carlo Colaiacovo. Not one of them asked to leave Toronto and every one of them had good things to say about the Maple Leafs organ-I-zation.

Stay classy, Toronto.

Wasn't there. Wasn't booing. Those fans that were are stupid, though it was probably just Cliff Fletcher and Brian Burke doing the booing to be honest.

Score Effects on Save Percentage - Hockey Analysis

One interesting thing I noticed while doing all this was the Toronto Maple Leafs up by a single goal performance over the last 3 seasons.  While they were middle of the pack 5v5 game tied (16th in 3 year 5v5 game tied save percentage), they were downright horrific when they got up a goal.  They just couldn’t hold a lead.  The three worst single season save percentages when up a goal were the 2009-10 Leafs, 2008-09 Leafs, and the 2007-08 Leafs so they were three for three there.

Well that's just fantastic. More links after the jump.


Very filthy.

Leafs Recover for Shootout Win

Almost pulled a page from Canada's book in doing so.

Game 39 in 10 from LeafsHQ

11 - Good news. I dropped Gustavsson from my fantasy team this morning.

Grabovski's Spin-o-rama Turns Heads

This was the first full 360 in a shootout; the rest are 270s when the shot is taken. Slick.

Leafs Trades for the Real World

Word is their were scouts from 9 teams at the game last night.

Leafs Rumored to be Interested in LA's Brayden Schenn

Yeah dude, the Leafs and 28 other teams.

TML Legend Bob Hassard

He may be the only player who never played a single playoff game in his career to have his name on the Stanley Cup.

Forget the Lost Draft Picks, Leafs Need Kessel to Produce Now

VLM ponders this and much more about the Leafs.