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A Great Prank War Has Begun

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There are a few keys to running a good prank. Normally, April Fools' pranks are terrible. This one was great.

This is a significantly less funny joke
This is a significantly less funny joke

While living the high life at 4-0 against the Senators on Saturday night I got a twitter mention from @larhey86:

I painted my best friend's room maple leaf blue and painted a huge maple leaf above his bed. He's a habber.

He asked if we wanted the pictures to post here and we very obviously did. Here at PPP we support the destruction of the personal property of Canadiens fans. If you need to paint your buddy's room Leafs blue or just write "PLEASE DON'T BURN THIS YOU NEED IT TO GET TO WORK" on your Habs fan neighbor's car: we're on board.

I'll let Lawrence take it from here:

My buddy decided to go on vacation to Albania for two weeks with his brother. Why Albania I'll never understand, however, while he was gone, a friend and myself decided to follow through on this idea that we had conjured up about 4 months earlier.


so we painted his room official leafs blue, stenciled in a huge maple leaf logo with the aid of a projector and added a few little odds and ends here and there put it over the top.


He arrived home early and we had to scramble to finish but got it done, and needless to say, he was speechless.


He refused to sleep in his room after a long flight and two weeks on the road.


He is a hardcore habs fan, and this couldn't have gone any better. I appreciate your interest and can't wait to see his reaction to the pictures being posted on the internet.


This is excellent work boys. Until "The Hockey Sweater" stops getting held up as a paragon of Canadian literature I hope you don't stop painting Habs' fans bedrooms against their will.