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In case you haven't heard, the Leafs are off to spend some time with the good folks at the Canadian Military base in Trenton, Ontario for some good ol' fashioned team-building. Dave Shoalts has the story:

The plan was for the Leafs to take Sunday off and then head for the Canadian military base in Trenton, Ont., on Monday morning for three days of training with the Canadian armed forces when they are not on the ice at a local arena. This diversion in a week-long break in the NHL schedule (the Leafs do not play again until Saturday against the Calgary Flames) is the latest step in the Leafs’ connection with the Canadian armed forces.

Also, in Mark Zwolinsky's Toronto Star report on the same story, we have this little gem from Ron Wilson:

“The little bastard is coming back quicker than I’ve been led to believe,” Wilson said of Nazem Kadri, who was back in full practice mode for the first time since injuring his knee Sept. 28 during an exhibition game in Ottawa.

In my imagination, Ron Wilson adopts a "Major Payne" persona for the occasion, and whips this team into shape. As a side note, in the linked video, I'd say that the red-haired kid resembles a very awkward, young James Reimer.

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Leafs Links:

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Tim Connolly (and Sidney Crosby, for that matter)
But sadly, it may be a bit like watching that star in the NBA, playing in a game with 5 fouls. You need him out there, but one more foul and he’s out of the game. If the coach sits him to protect him from getting the 6th foul, the team may suffer and lose. From Mike at VLM

Other Hockey Links:

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OK, so there are still a few bugs to work out, but Hawerchuk has got advanced stats on the past couple games.

Open Source the Oilers
Tyler Dellow is trying to take his analysis to another level by examining 'touches'. Sounds interesting, if labor-intensive.

Panthers sign first-round pick Huberdeau
18-year-old forward will play with the Saint John Sea Dogs of the QMJHL this season. Capgeek says the deal is worth up to $3.175M if all the bonuses are met. The bonuses won't be met.

Gary Bettman receives hero's welcome in Winnipeg
Fans chant the NHL commissioner’s name in lead-up to Sunday’s Jets’ home opener at the MTS Centre. Don't get used to it, Gary. From Roy MacGregor at The Globe.

On-ice Shooting Percentage as a Talent
David Johnson at Hockey Analysis says it is indeed a talent, and less a function of luck than we have been thinking of it recently.

Pens' Crosby to meet with medical team
Syd could be cleared for contact as early as today. Fingers crossed. From Rob Rossi at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Video: Should Methot earn suspension for Sedin boarding?
Video link and quotes from the rulebook courtesy of Sean Leahy at PD.

Mattias Ohlund under knife for both knees, could miss 2 months
Tough news for the veteran defenceman, his team, and anyone who has him on their fantasy hockey team. From Wyshynski at PD.

Game 2 Recap: Happy Thanksgiving, here's 5 goals against.
I'm linking this recap from Matchsticks & Gasoline by Justin Azevedo because the Flames are the Leafs upcoming opponent. It's always good to know what the competition has been doing lately.