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This One's For Sam

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Leafs Links

Faith an Anchor as Young Goalie Becomes NHL Starter

A good article on Reimer's faith  and it's impact on his game from the, I kid you not, Mennonite Weekly Review.

Why I Wish Gardiner Had Simply Started the Season with the Marlies

Mike from VLM sees the Leafs defensive puzzle as having a few pieces in the wrong place.

Connolly Remains a Question Mark

Splodeybones 2.0 still doubtful for Saturday's game against Calgary.

10 For Tuesday (Now Wednesday)

LeafsHQ with some NHL talking points including Franson.

Maple Leafs Fans Cannot Get too Excited After 2-0 Start


Sondre Olden Interview

Future Considerations' (snicker) Brian Huddle (lul) sats down with the Norwegian prospect.

More links and a goodbye after the jump.

Other Links

The NHL's Most Interesting Names: 1960s Part I

...and up on the main stage it's Sandy Snow.

Thinking Outside the Box: Strategic Shifts from the NHL's Opening Weekend

DGB gets his hands on whiteboard material from around the league.

Red Wings in Southeast? Jets in Central?

Why would the NHL deny the rekindling of so many rivalries?


Finally, some somber news as over the weekend a devout Leafs fan that many of us got to know over Twitter, MLHS, and PPP succombed to cancer. Sam, aka @leaferbeleafer, will be missed. MLHS has a heartfelt goodbye and here is a post by Sam that is a compilation of the goodbye tweets Sam posthumously had her brother post for her. Really nothing else to say about that...