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I Love Second Half Dion

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Time for More - Hope in the Big Smoke

The following is a quote given by Leafs coach Ron Wilson during the post game press conference following the Leafs and Canadiens game last Thursday regarding Dion Phaneuf’s offense. 

"We’re encouraging that," Wilson said, but repeated he thinks too much is made of Phaneuf’s frequent gaps on the scoresheet. "He played really well defensively, yet he’s supposed to score for some reason, and if he doesn’t he’s not a good player. I’m glad he did to silence those people who criticize him. He’s here to stop the other team from scoring."

While I definitely agree with Wilson, even if Phaneuf does not provide offense he is still the tone setter for this Leafs team. I wrote this article a couple of months ago, and I stand by it. The main point was that Dion’s character and ability to initiate physical play makes him the most important player in blue and white. However, if the Leafs are going to take that next step and make the playoffs this season Phaneuf will need to return to the form that saw him produce four straight 10 + goal and 45 + point seasons to begin his career.

Hopefully we'll get to see all facets of Dion's game tomorrow night.

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