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Flames at Leafs: A Rivalry Born of GMs Emerges

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It's been a whole week without hockey and personally my thumbs are tired of twiddling. We watched the Senators get pumped by Colorado to become the odds on favorites to draft Nail Yakupov (20pts in 8GP in the OHL so far...) but remember that Daigle scored 137pts in 53 games in the Q once and Ottawa once used a first overall pick to draft Chris Phillips ahead of... holy shit look at this first round. Nevermind.

Tonight the Leafs play the Calgary Flames at home. It'll be a chance for Capt. Caveman to demonstrate his resurgence as an elite NHL player and to make the point that trading him and a good prospect in Keith Aulie for Matt Stajan and role players was a poor decision.

As motivation for the boys remember that it was five years ago this week that Mats Sundin scored his 500th regular season goal: shorthanded, in overtime, to complete the hat trick against Miikka Kiprusoff

Between that and his overtime "ping" goal Sundin certainly had a flair for the dramatic from that left point. Watching that video the players congratulating Sundin stick out: Tucker, McCabe, Gill, Steen. The Leafs moved all of those guys and got a lot younger. For a team ridiculed for never developing talent the Leafs have taken risks on players like Mikhail Grabovski and Clarke MacArthur to say nothing of bringing in Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf.

Anybody miss Matt Stajan, Ian White, Niklas Hagman, or Jamal Mayers