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They're Heating Up

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The Big Guns are Firing - Curt S. at Blue Chip Prospects

The Toronto Maple Leafs entered the 2011-12 NHL season as a team that was expected to compete for a playoff spot, but also a team most predicted would fall short.

When examining the team's roster heading into a new season, a lot of people (myself included) have a habit of picking around the edges and looking for minor improvements or guys who had down years that might be able to provide some added production.

Three games into this year it seems that we should have been looking at our stars.

Head on over to see why we were wrong in overlooking Kessel, Phaneuf, and Reimer.

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Leafs Links

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Dates back to 1931. Pretty cool.

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Liles, Giguere Set to Face Former Teams in Toronto

Colorado's in town tonight, in case you haven't heard.