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Moving On

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It's not unfair to say that the Leafs have been lucky to come away with seven points in their first four games. By most accounts, the Leafs were atrocious in the first period of last night's game, and were pretty sleepy in the first half of the third period, as well - a Jekyll and Hyde performance that we've seen in each of the first four Leafs games.

Certainly, Toronto's team passing last night was something approaching a crime against humanity, and Cody Franson's failure to pick up David Jones on the OT goal is deserving of capitol punishment. Oh what? We're only four games in, you say? Ah, well, then. We'll be grateful for the point and move on.

Thankfully, James Mirtle's even-handed writing style helps stem the tears with a consoling note (following his game recap) about Mike Komisarek, which I think is an interesting talking point:

One of the bigger surprises in the early portion of the Leafs season has been the arrival of defenceman Mike Komisarek as a dependable option for the coaching staff.

A train wreck on many nights last season, Komisarek again logged another 16 minutes on Monday and looks far fleeter on his skates after dropping 15-plus pounds in the off-season.

Here's hoping Komi finds his game this season and we can unload that contract.

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"I know it sounds ridiculous but sometimes the worst person to ask is the person who is concussed. I mean, you know when you’re flat out out. I remember being in Pittsburgh thinking that I was traded in the showers because I thought that we were playing at home, and these were not the showers we had at the First Union Center. It varies from situation to situation." A nice interview, from Justin Johnson at The Hockey Writers.

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