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The End of an Era

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What do you mean they are changing the name.
What do you mean they are changing the name.

MLSE, Ryerson Settle Score - Adrian Morrow at the Globe and Mail

For nearly seven decades, the name Maple Leaf Gardens was synonymous with hockey triumphs, iconic concerts and raucous political rallies in the heart of Toronto. But when the venue at Carlton and Church streets re-opens as an arena for Ryerson University’s hockey team next year, it will not carry its historic moniker.

Faced with a lawsuit by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, the school said it will find a different name for the site.

"We never had the intention to brand ourselves as ‘Maple Leaf,’ " Ryerson president Sheldon Levy said. "We have a plan to use a different name."

The building will keep its old title for the city’s records, along with a canopy emblazoned with the name over the front doors, but the rink and athletic centre Ryerson is building inside will be named for a sponsor. Mr. Levy said the word "Gardens" will be part of the new epithet.

So the sign remains, but the moniker doesn't which is crap. I can't help but think that MLSE, the giant corporation that it is, is being extremely petty (Peddie) over this whole thing and will come out of this looking like jerks. What are your thoughts? Should MLSE have allowed Ryerson and Loblaws to retain the name Maple Leaf Gardens for the building going forward?

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