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Crowd Sourcing The Leafs Line Combinations

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The Preseason is over, the final demotions have yet to happen (wait until Monday), and the Leafs now have the regular season on the docket. It looks like some of the injuries to our centres will sort themselves out prior to Thursday's opener against the Habs, but we're not 100% sure on that yet.

Last week in a conversation with Chemmy, we kind of came up with the idea of Crowd Sourcing some potential decisions in Leaf Land. Basically what I'm saying is, I'm going to put some of this to a vote, and while it has no bearing on reality, I want to see where the majority of readers on here want to see things go. The idea is NOT to vote for what you think is most likely, but to vote for what you WANT to see on the ice. You DO need to take into account waivers, salaries, and the advantages and disadvantages to ruining a prospect or screwing up their development though. Pretend you're Ron Wilson and Brian Burke (and all the other Leafs management types) and pick the lines you think make the most sense.

Read on after the Jump to add your vote - let's see what the masses think.

We know Nazem Kadri and Clarke MacArthur will both miss the opening game of the season, but for the purposes of this exercise I'm going to let both of them be pencilled into the Leafs line up. At this point we can consider the MacArthur-Grabovski-Kulemin line settled, and I'll still place Connolly between Lupul and Kessel on the other line in the top 6. That leaves 6 spots remaining on the roster. In this posting I'm just exploring 3rd line combinations though.

We've all discussed who we think belongs where, so I'm going to just leave the voting up to you guys, and let the discussion ensue. Vote below and we'll crowd source our roster, and see what the majority think is the best option for the coming NHL season.