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Never Make a Bet on The Monster

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Links after the jump. (Man I really need a haircut.)

Leafs Links

I Learned Nothing From Last Year's 4-0-1 Start

eyebleaf is thinking PLAYOFFS!!!1

We*Won!(*not really "we")

1967ers talks Leafs and grammar lessons.

Game in 10: Game #6

Mislav with his take on last night's performance.

A Quick Look at some Early Season Struggles

Hope in the Big Smoke on the less than stellar early play of many Leafs.

Dear Leafs Fans: It Isn't Your Fault

Well duh.

Maple Leafs Garden's New Name

Toronto Mike weighs in on the impending name change.

Check out the name of the #3 place team in the Barry Melrose Fantasy League.

Other Links

Potential Problems in Raising the NHL's Draft Age

Chris Peters looks at Bob Nicholson's proposal. A must read.

The Late Night Jaromir Jagr Hockey School

My love, my love, my endless love.

Fisticuffs and Handcuffs: Legends from the WHA

NHL History Girl with some quick and crazy stories.