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Maple Leafs Win Despite No Homegrown Stars

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Do you not love me Canada?
Do you not love me Canada?

A couple of weeks ago, MF37 caught Michael Grange's excel shortcomings when it came to figuring out just how many Toronto-born NHL stars there are in the NHL. This week, he's helping Kevin McGran fill in the gaps in his article about the Leafs' lack of GTA representation. A couple of weeks ago, Tyler Dellow got into a bit of an argument with Chris Jones (@MySecondEmpire) on twitter over an article that he wrote. One of his defenses was that he was just communicating what Stu Grimson had said about Western Canada and enforcers. McGran's fault was that he just transcribed what he was told without doing the critical thinking that MF37 did in Where Do NHLers Come From Part II:

There's been a bit of gurgling lately over the fact that, for the first time ever, the Leafs don't have a player from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) on their roster.

I don't see why this matters. John Gardner, president of the Greater Toronto Hockey League, isn't happy about it. He tells the Toronto Star he's bothered that the Leafs don't have great players from the GTA, such as Jeff Skinner, Tyler Seguin and John Tavares. Hey, me too Mr. Gardiner, but you might want to pick a few other names to lead with next time. Anyone who understands even the most basic fundamentals of professional sports franchises and draft rights shouldn't bemoan the fact that these kids play for other teams.

 Too bad the Leafs can't just sign these guys. Supid rules.

Leafs News

Oh, Baby!

JP's quick recap features 1000 words on Jonas Gustavsson.

Sacrificed On The Altar Of Youth And Depth

Steve takes a closer look at two Leafs defensive prospects that do not get a lot of covereage: Korbinian Holzer and Juraj Mikus.

Leafs Prevail Over Habs

Erik Cole is making $4M+ a season and guess how much time he saw on the powerplay? Do not click that link if you have just taken a sip of your drink.

Dion Phaneuf And The Habs-Leafs Rivalry

Michael wants to know your thoughts on the rivalry and thinks that Phaneuf is playing his way back to the level of esteem he held in the early part of his career.

Leafs-Habs Game In Ten: Canada's Best

Alec shares some thoughts on Phaneuf, Grabovski, and Gustavsson.

About Last Night

Mike Boone paints a pretty dire picture about Erik Cole's start in Montreal and Jacques Martin's incompetence.

Jacques Martin Might Pay For Habs' Sorry Start

The Habs' biggest problems are that Kirk Muller might have been the key to the coaching staff and that Martin's replacement has to speak French to sate the bloodlust Habs fans for the return of the Flying Frenchmen.

Around The NHL

VIDEO: Tortorella Is The Best

Ron Wilson has nothing on Torts when it comes to angry press conferences.

NHL's New European TV Deal Continues To Close Continental Gap

The league sealed a deal that should please some of the club's fans and help them see more games.

Mark Spector Is Right

Ben's Grandpa shows some support for the assertion that the Canucks draft too many Swedes and Danes.

Blood Brothers

Who knows how Eric Staal sleeps at night.

The Ryan Johnson Number

Cam Charron wants to make a Mendoze number for hockey players. The only number that matters is # 1 - which is where he ranks in Don Cherry's heart.

Old and Busted: Detroit Red Wings, New Hotness: Washington Capitals

Good lord what a beating.

Bottoms Up: The Blue Jackets Can't Possibly Be This Bad

Spoiler Alert: Yes, they can. A lot of numbers geeks called that Steve Mason's Calder Trophy winning eason was a fluke. I bet they feel pretty smart right now.

VIDEO: Watch The Blue Jackets Throw Up All Over Themselves

That's pretty self-explan