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Don't be Touching my Swede

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My Canada, I Mean My Leaf Team, Includes Carl Gunnarsson - Mike Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories

If you’re a General Manager, it’s probably best never to fall in love with a player (or at least very seldom) because you never know when you might have to move him along.  That’s just the way it is in the business that is the National Hockey League.

But as an observer of what happens in Leaf-urbia, if I had any say in the decision-making process, one player I would not be moving in an effort to get more offensive "punch" in the present line-up is defenseman Carl Gunnarsson.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Gunnarsson is not the perfect player.  We all know that he appeared to regress a tad at the beginning and through the first half of last season.  But, like many Leafs, his play seemed to pick up by the end of the 2010-'11 season.

Hard to argue with Mike here. More links after the jump.

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