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Le Sigh.

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Welp. If we had to lose to someone, I feel alright about losing to the Flyers. The Leafs put in a decent effort, and were right in the game until Jaromir Jagr sealed the deal with a breakaway goal late in the third.

As James Mirtle points out, special teams were also a big factor in last night's loss:

As it often is, the Leafs penalty kill was part of the problem, as they allowed the first two goals on five shorthanded situations to fall to an ugly 75 per cent on the year – continuing a trend of poor play when down a man that has persisted for more than three years under Wilson.

Jump for more, including some schadenfreude relating to the Habs' loss.

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Thankfully, his eye will be OK, but he may miss two to three weeks. From the AP at the Globe.

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"The vultures," grinned a scout from a Western Conference team, "smell blood." Muahahahahahaaaa. From Sean Gordon at the Globe.