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PPP At Shoeless Joe's

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Note: Wendel Clark will not be there.
THIS COULD BE YOU! Note: Wendel Clark will not be there.

Have you ever wondered if the people of PPP are actually human or just advanced hockey loving robots sent from the future? Well, tonight is your chance to find out the truth! There'll be wings and beer* and the Leafs game.**

* If you order and pay for them yourself
** No guarantee that the game will be enjoyable since Gustavsson is starting

The details are simple:

Location: Shoeless Joe's at the 276 King Street West location at Duncan.
Time: From 6:30-6:45ish to until the game ends.
Special Propaganda: At Shoeless Joe's across Ontario tonight it Fan Appreciation Night. Shoeless Joe’s will be giving away a FREE lb of wings or gourmet burger to each and every patron that is present at the end of the game vs New York Rangers this Thursday, October 27th, if the Leafs win.  

You can also win a barbecue. Here's how:

–Tweet to @goshoeless (#sjfan) or post on the Shoeless Joe’s Facebook wall a picture of yourself inside the Shoeless location of your choice watching the game, with the tweet / caption "Shoeless Joe’s, my #1 hockey destination!"
–Entries accepted from game start until close
–Best entry wins (best picture)
–Shoeless social team will pare down all the entries to the top 3, and then the public will vote on the final 3 via Facebook.
–Winner gets the BBQ and the title of "Shoeless Joe’s Fan of the Month"

To be clear: The contest is for all Shoeless Joe's locations (double check by calling to make sure) but @Ryantologist and @Leafer1984 and I will only be at the 276 King Street West location. Tonight is your chance to call Leafer biased in person or buy Ryan a beer for making our podcast aurally superior to other podcasts or just say hello.