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Mats Sundin's Number To Be Raised To The Rafters February 11th

Mats Sundin
Mats Sundin


Update: Friend of the Blog Jeff Marek just passed along a note: "Leafs won't say when the day is but app[arently] it's not the one being reported." It will be interesting to see what date the Leafs officially announce now. Sundin's been in town for a week as a newly minted ambassador for the franchise so they might just not want to let the cat out of the bag before they can make a big announcement.

According to a report from Aftonbladet, the Toronto Maple Leafs will be honouring one of their greatest players in their history in the new year. Prior to the February 11th game against Montreal (where he thankfully didn't end up despite some wrongheaded wishes of mine) Sundin's # 13 and his image will join the ranks of his countryman Borje Salming, teammates Wendel Clark and Doug Gilmour, and the pantheon of Leafs greats that looks down on the Heroes every game.

The Google Translation of the Swedish report:

The great rival of the meeting between Montreal and Toronto will not begin until something important happened.

Maple Leafs would like to pay tribute to one of its biggest players.

Mats Sundin's name will be hoisted to the ceiling.

Borje Salming's name is already in the roof of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Soon they were joined by Mats Sundin.

February eleventh play Maple Leafs against the Canadiens. Before the first face-off will pay tribute to his Swedish Toronto Centre by flying a banner with the name and photo.

Sundin did 1349 points in 1346 NHL games. 15 players have previously been praised in the same way of Toronto.

Time to start setting money aside and calling in favours because that's one game you'll want to attend this year.

Glove tap to @CameronSorley for passing it along.