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Injuries May Delay Final Cuts

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Leafs Final Cuts Loom - James Mirtle at the Globe and Mail

Toronto's already down to 29 bodies after they sent third-string goaltender Ben Scrivens to the Marlies, but they need to get to the 23-man roster limit by Wednesday.

Complicating matters is a suspension to Clarke MacArthur and injuries to a whole host of other forwards.


"The plan was to keep some lines together [through camp] and it didn't work out because of minor little injuries," Wilson said. "We've had to move some things around. Practice this week's going to be important.

"I think we've identified what we believe are the lines and we'll sit down and discuss it and make our decisions on that. We've got to really sit down and give hard thought about what our defence is going to be when we start on Thursday."

Who's made the team?

Click on thru to find out Mirtle's take on the opening night roster. More links after the jump.

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