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Win tickets to a Leaf game in the TiqIQ/SB Nation #TakeASeat contest!

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TiqIQ, an SB Nation partner which offers a pretty nifty service for buying tickets to sporting events (just check the Tickets link in the menu bar across the top of this site) is sponsoring a new contest across the various SBN hockey sites, in which you can win tickets to an upcoming regular season game, and all it takes is a tweet to make your entry!

To enter, make your guess as to which Toronto Maple Leaf will lead the team in Penalty Minutes as of November 30th, including the name of the player, and how many penalty minutes they will have for the season on that date.

Specifically, here's what you need to do:

  1. Follow @TiqIQ on twitter   
  2. Follow @mlse on twitter  
  3. Send a tweet to @mlse, with the name of the player, the number of penalty minutes, and the hashtag #TakeASeat. Just follow the example in the picture below, and include your own guess as to the player and the number of PIMs.
  4. Entries must be made on or before October 31st, 2011.
  5. The winner (matching the player and the number of PIMs) will be announced December 9th.



Also, the SBNation hockey site with the most entries will receive a $200 gift certificate, which we will then raffle off to one of our members who entered the contest!

The contest ends today, October 31st.  Make sure you send your tweet @mlse right away!