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Closed Door Policies and David Steckel

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Closed Door Policy - Justin Bourne at The Score

Today I read the James Mirtle blog on Cody Franson, and how he felt about being named the Maple Leafs 7th defenseman heading into the regular season. The recently-acquired defenseman will watch opening night from the press box, where he can eat popcorn and start cultivating some hate for the people who assigned him that seat.

How does he know he’s been relegated to 7th? Well, he happened to see Ron Wilson’s Monday media chat (the ones where he always looks just about ready to drop a cyanide capsule), where Wilson made these somewhat-harmless yet still-informative comments:

"Right now [Franson] is our seventh defenceman, but I wouldn’t hesitate to play him in any situation," he said. "That’s just the way it is right now."


To have your only communication with a 24 year old new player like that baffles me. I know Ron Wilson is a bit of an old-school guy (or whatever), but what does he think coaching is all about? You’re a professional communicator, for cripes sake. You’re an educator.

Follow the link for more of Bourne's take on old man Wilson. More David Steckel links after the jump.

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