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Greg Pateryn Appreciation Thread

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[Preview] - [Habs Eye on the Prize] - [Game Page]

First, some new ground rules for 2011-2012:

No more linking of streams. As you can see from this link, some SB Nation blogs have been contacted with strongly worded letters or emails or something. Regardless, we're putting an end to it on this site. Do not ask for a stream to the game either. You found this website on your own (most likely) and surely you know how to get to Google.

Also, try to limit the amount of pictures and gifs in the GDTs. We can't guarantee that there will always be someone on hand to create a new thread, and not everyone runs a spiffy new computer. Not saying no pictures or gifs at all, just keep it under control.

Lastly, people tend to get emotional during hockey games. Just because someone says "FUCK" or "This team sucks donkey balls!" doesn't make them less of a fan. It just means they have issues with anger management. If it bothers you, just ignore them. If they're a troll, alert Chemmy.