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It's Only One Game....ONE GAME THAT WE WON!

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It's Usually Best Not to Make too Much of One Game, Even a Solid Season Opener - Mike Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories

Think back to last season.  Montreal beat Montreal in the opener, and went on to win three more.  Things looked good, eh?  But we all know the rest of that story.  That is not to suggest the Leafs didn’t do some nice things last year, especially in the last couple of months, but the early four-game winning streak, in theory, should have been the "good start" that we all crave for the team.  But it made precious little difference last season.

So while there was certainly a build-up for fans and the players (and playing the Habs made it a little more exciting) it is only one game, as they say.

But a win is a win.  And a shutout—in front of fans who have been waiting for a win that truly means at least a little something for, well, a long time—is even sweeter, especially against the team’s longstanding rival.

All that said, what are some basic take-aways from Game 1?
Head on over to find out what he saw from the game, and take the jump to find out what many others thought as well.

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