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Phil Kessel hates unisex hair salons

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The Leafs played good to great hockey for roughly 50 minutes last night before allowing Ottawa to climb back into it.  Phil Kessel's hat-trick goal wound up as the game winner, and I have to admit the ACC hasn't been rocking like that for a while.  As JP pointed out over at the Leafs Nation:

With the Sens having trimmed the Leafs' lead to 5-4, he used his speed to expose Jared Cowen as a meat sack, and rifled his third goal of the game just inside the far post for his first hat trick as a Leaf. Kessel has now scored more goals against the Senators than he has against any other team in the league.

Sure it's worrisome that the Leafs coughed up a four goal lead, but remember that the season is very young and sometimes these things just happen.  Toronto doesn't play until next Saturday, so they should have plenty of time to work on the issues that have been exposed so far.

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