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Movember is Moustache Month

November is the most important month of the year according to Howard Berger, and the birth month of yours truly (The 28th. Buy me things.) It's also a time when men come together to grow epic facial hair whilst raising money for men's health and prostate cancer research. An admirable cause as any and one that the great fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs, whose team has a history of great moustaches, can most certainly get behind. So we here at PPP have created a Movember team that you can join or donate to. Just know though that if you join, you'll be required to submit a moustache update photo every week that can be posted here on PPP where we'll be rec'n our favorite homegrown moustaches.

To find out more about Movember, click through on this link.

After the jump, some Maple Leafs Moustache Inspiration to get you pumped about Movember.

No Maple Leafs moustache is as famous as Wendel Clarks, and wouldn't you know it he has his own Movember team that you can donate to here.


That moustache is so legendary, even our benevolent overlords have sported it in the past:
(This the most facial hair either has ever sported.)

Head Coach Ron Wilson is participating Movember, but he's got nothing on former coach Pat Burns:



Not to be outdone by captain Wendel Clark, there's the iconic stache of Lanny McDonald:


And the biker special that current Leaf Mike Brown once sported:


As you can see all the cool kids are doing it, so join the team and post your stache!