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The Next Generation

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I wonder if they know I'm drunk
I wonder if they know I'm drunk

The Toronto Maple Leafs fell to 3-3-0 in November. As a reminder, last year the Leafs went 3-7-3 in November as the wheels well and truly fell off of the season. I missed last night's game but over the season, the Leafs have 21 out of the necessary 92ish points despite being without their one reliable goaltender as well as Colby Armstrong and Tim Connolly. Those guys are kind of good.

Meanwhile, the Senators' fans are full of piss and vinegar! If their team had ever shown as much fight they might never have developed a reputation for being gutless and heartless. They might think they are Failing For Nail but right now they have 17 points which is good enough for 10th in the conference and 22nd in the league. They probably aren't bad enough, despite Craig Anderson's best efforts, to get Yakupov. I'm sure they can remember what they have to say about a team that finish in that area.

If there was one highlight of last night's game, it was MF37's son's recap of the game. While not quite a hockey fan yet, I think he's going to be just fine:

My dad kept asking me what the best part of the game was. I told him there was no best part just a worst part, the Leafs losing.

Welcome to the club kid.

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