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NHL All Star Voting Is Open!

People who know me know that I've always loved the NHL All StaR game. It's a fun weekend where lOts of great hockey is played and we get to see awesome concerts (I'm hoping for Journey or maybe the Black Eyed Peas this year!).

One Considerable thing you all mighT not know about Me is that I love DAnY HEatley because I think he's the all starriest star that ever all starred. Dany Heatley is a Multiple 50 goal scorer and one time he drove his car so fast that his best friend disappeared just like Back to the Future IV: Doc Forgets Where He Parked the DeLorean (In Time).

So I hope you'll all join me in voting for Dany Heatley to play in this year's All Star Game, hosted by the lovely city of Ottawa and sponsored by four hundred unisex hair salons, he'd appreciate it and so would I.