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In addition to supplying you with a steady supply of links, game previews, recaps, and other amazing analysis, I have been busting my hump for you nerds to track scoring chances for and against the Toronto Maple Leafs this season. I had a late start on this, so it's been an uphill battle catching up to where we are today, but I've done it.



Head on over to The Leafs Nation for more wonderful charts that focus on different game states and a per-minute scoring chance number.

Follow me over the jump for many more wonderful links.

Leafs Links:

The Penalty Kill Will Get Better… Probably
Jonathan Willis at The Leafs Nation figures that the penalty kill can't get much worse. Of course, we've been hearing this for some time, now.

Here’s the question: whose future do you prefer, the Oilers or Leafs?
Huh boy. From Michael Langlois at VLM.

Cody Franson: Life In The Press Box
What does he do with his time up there? Dirty Dangle wonders aloud.

Ron Wilson: NHL needs 'to find a way to protect' its goalies
James Mirtle reports on Wilson's concerns for goaltender safety. I'd have to wager that having Reimer injured and being forced to watch Jonas Gustavsson would make any coach more sensitive about the issue.

2011 Induction Ceremony
These are just some images from the event, but since it's full of Leafs, it gets a link. From the Globe and Mail.

Running Goalies and Reggie Smith's Batting Crown
It's true that the second part is about baseball, but we can forgive 1967ers, because he's always got something interesting for us, anyway.

Other Hockey Links:

Head On A Swivel
Can't remember how many times I heard that. Could probably remember more if I'd listened. From Jason Strudwick at The Leafs Nation.

New chin strap flashes red to warn of potential concussions
A fantastic idea. Now, if only the NHL could get its players to do their chin straps up properly. Story from James Christie at the Globe.

Markov Nears Return
I'm not sure whether to cue the 'Jaws' theme song, or just be amazed that this bionic man is actually returning. Story from Sean Gordon at the Globe.

Creating A New Metric: Points Versus Threshold
Over at Artctic Ice Hockey, Dave Shapiro works with some numbers already generated by guys like Desjardins, Miller, and the guys at Hockey Prospectus.

The WHL, score effects, and an intro to GVT
Over at Backhand Shelf, Cam Charron explains a few things that folks who are new to our site should acquaint themselves with.

Answering the Bell Without a Tough Guy Ain’t Easy
Sure it is. If you're not sure what to do, just watch the scene from The Holy Grail, where the French shoot a giant wooden rabbit at King Arthur and his knights. Just do what they do. From Justin Bourne at Backhand Shelf.

Backhand Shelf Podcast with Rob Pizzo and Justin Bourne
Always worth a listen.