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That's An Interesting Lineup You've Got There

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The big news to emerge yesterday was all about injuries: both Mikhail Grabovski and Clarke MacArthur will miss a significant number of games. Grabovski is out at least two weeks, though MacArthur hasn't had a timetable set yet. Matt Frattin and Colton Orr both also missed practice, but are both expected to be available tonight. Oh, and our new man of glass Tim Connolly is ready to go.

But there's an interesting twist, you see. James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail had this quote from Ron Wilson:

"You have to manage the roster limit right now," Wilson said of a call-up putting the Leafs over the 23-man limit. "We don't have any room."

Since MacArthur's return date hasn't been determined (or at least, predicted), he can't yet be added to the IR list, and therefore still counts against the 23-man limit. The result? The Leafs could well wind up dressing seven defencemen, and one of them might wind up playing forward.

Mirtle's guess? Gardiner gets to try his hand at being a forward. I'd have to say I agree, since Gardiner played much of his early career as a forward. As per the UWB site (love his photo there, by the way), he made the switch with only one year left in high school. High school might sound like a long time ago to you and I, but to a kid of only 21, it's not such a distant memory.

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