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It's Beer O'Clock Somewhere

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Thank God it's Friday. Here are some links. Share whatever you're reading.

Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics

Jonathan Willis looks at the genesis of the famous phrase


Phoenix-Toronto Scoring Chances 

JP charted the Leafs' loss. It was Lombardi's best game as a Leaf and now he's hurt. Great.

Predators dump slumping Leafs

Mirtle with quotes from the game. Wilson's right, one of the Leafs' best performances on the year

Video: Predators’ Craig Smith spectacularly blows empty net goal

Watch Craig Smith look like a total asshole for trying to hot dog.


Me Thinks She Sprung A Leak

How come there's been a leak on the sale of MLSE now?

Bakchand Shelf Podcast

Justin Bourne and Rob Pizzo talks to Billy Smith

The 5 Players who’ve taken the most shots this season….without scoring

Matt Frattin is slowly climbing this list

Game In 10: Game 19 Leafs at Predators

Mislav recaps the Leafs' loss to the Honky Tonk Men