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Do the Leafs Have a Player Others Should Fear?

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Is Dion a feared player?
Is Dion a feared player?

How Long Has It Been Since the Leafs Had a Player Other Teams Were Afraid Of? - Mike Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories

...In the ‘80s, yes, for me it was Gretzky.  He loved playing the Leafs, being a Southern Ontario guy and more often than not, he had huge games against the blue and white.

This all leads me to think:  when was the last time we (the Leafs) had somebody that made the other team game-plan for us?  And as importantly, when was the last time we had a player that made fans on another team worry about our guy?

I mean, we’ve had some wonderful players over the past 50 years that I’ve been following the Leafs—Keon, Sittler, Salming, Clark, Gilmour, Sundin to name just a few.

But have we ever had a guy that would make, say, a Boston fan, or a Habs fan, go, "Oh God, he’s on the ice again.  Damn…."

Could Phil Kessel be one of those players? More links after the jump.

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Lastly, a bit of self plugging but at least it's for the betterment of all. I'm keeping a spreadsheet that tracks game-by-game stats for the Leafs; gives you their running totals; to date game averages; and projected totals for season's end based on their current stats. You can find said spreadsheet here. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see added.