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Leafs Pace at the Quarter Mark

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After this weekend's games, the Leafs find themselves at the quarter mark of the 2011-12 season in a condition they'd rather not be in. Over $19M sits on the IR including 2/3 of last year's most productive "2nd line", their #1 goaltender, and one hell of a handlebar mustache. But thanks to an incredibly hot start, the Leafs are in a better position that they probably should be, albeit with more games played than 13 of the other Eastern Conference members. So here's the question: Are the Leafs on pace to be a good team and make the Playoffs? Well thanks to this handy dandy spreadsheet, we can find out.

Category 82 Game Pace
Points 94
Wins 43
Losses 31
G/F 238
G/A 266
S/F 2,343
Sh% 10.17%
S/A 2,569
Sv% .897
PP% 21.25%
PK% 76.25%

So where to begin? Take the jump and find out, along with some more links.

Starting at the top, 94 points. Good for 8th place in the East last season, 5th the year before, and 8th the year before that. So while it's not the Presidents Trophy, we'll still have a ticket to the dance if we can stay on this pace. More trouble however, are the goal totals.  Only 4 teams have made the Playoffs with a negative goal differential over the past 3 seasons and at a -28, should the Leafs make it in, it would be the worst going back as far as I care to look. So perhaps we won't be punching our ticket after all.  Shooting percentage? Above average. Save percentage? Abysmal. Powerplay? Top 6 last year. O_o Penalty kill? 29th. D:

So there you have it. Fix goaltending and the PK and this is a Playoff team no doubt. Do neither of those things, and it's a good thing we still have our 1st rounder and a new coach next season. Your thoughts?


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