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Lend Me Your Links, Please

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As I collected the links for this FTB, I came across two sites that weren't in my Google Reader. The first, Puck Drunk Love is brand new, but already has a team of writers contributing to it, and I expect to link more stories from them in the future. The second, Dirty Dangle, has been around for a while, but somehow hasn't been added to my list until now.

What you, the lurking wordsmith, should take away from this, is that if you have a blog - even if it's one that's been around for a while - and you're producing Leafs or NHL-related work that isn't being linked here, let us know! Our e-mails are all at the bottom of the main page, so don't hesitate to give us a shout. Skinny, birky, Bower, or I will be glad to add you to our links buffet.

It's possible that not everyone's page gets linked every day, but if you are consistently being left out, make yourself heard. To mix metaphors, the squeaky mouse gets the clicks.

So, from here, let's get right into it. Plenty of recaps and game notes on tap today.

Leafs Links:

Leafs win again, but this is not your older brother’s Devils
I like this title (though I've shortened it) from Michael Langlois' game recap and notes.

Delaying The Inevitable Or: How Long Will The Losing Streak Be This Season?
Danny Gray at The Leafs Nation is bracing himself.

Vintage Leafs: Pictures like this are the reason I maintain this blog
Good old Tim. Go browse around at Vintage Leafs. It's way better than doing work.

Game In 10: Game 12, Leafs at Devils
The latest installment from Mislav Jantoljak at MLHS.

The New October’s Very Own
Jeffler really, really likes Phil Kessel.

Game In 10: Game 12, Leafs at Devils
The latest installment from Mislav Jantoljak at MLHS.

Martin Brodeur Returns, Defense Mostly Absent in New Jersey Devils 5-3 Loss to Toronto Maple Leafs
This is one of the most thorough game recaps I've seen in quite some time, so give'r a read. From John Fischer at In Lou We Trust.


Other Hockey Links:

Around the League in 33 Bands
This was written by Tim at Puck Drunk Love. Some of these choices are pretty good, actually.

Pilot error blamed in Russian jet crash
Investigators say the brakes were inadvertently applied during attempted takeoff, and that the co-pilot was on some sort of medication for epilepsy that he shouldn't have been, if he was to be flying a plane. From Vladimir Isachenkov of the AP.

Joffrey Lupul leads Leafs past Devils
"It was a little harrowing at times," Wilson said. "It was like when you’re in one of those motorcycles with a sidecar and you’re in the sidecar and have no idea which way it’s going. But in the end you get to your destination." Recap from Dave Shoalts at the Globe.

Age Is Not An Issue In The NHL
Dirty Dangle's title is somewhat misleading. What we have here is a list of some old guys and a list of some young guys that are off to hot starts so far this season.

The Quiet Room Alumni Edition: Eric Lindros
How Keith Jones saved the day. Interesting stuff from Jo Innes at Backhand Shelf.

Alex Ovechkin, Team Dynamics, and Not Getting the Tap in a Big Situation
More from Justin Bourne. Honestly, I wasn't really aware that a lot of players would swear at their coaches. I mean, swearing while speaking to them is different than at them.

On-Ice Trends: Goalies, You May Wanna Give That Puck a Squeeze
To prove this would require a ridiculous amount of study, but it's an interesting trend to wonder about. Maybe Justin Bourne has been watching a lot of Leafs games, lately.