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Gustavsson Gaining Confidence - Whatever Keeps You Above .900 Mate

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Gustavsson Gaining Confidence as Leafs Continue Roll - Chris Johnson at the Globe and Mail

Jonas Gustavsson has seemingly had an answer for everything opponents have thrown at him over the past week or two. There was no better way for the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie to deliver a message to his critics.

Written off by many earlier in the season, the man known as "The Monster" will take a personal four-game win streak into Wednesday's game against the Boston Bruins.

Gustavsson has managed to remain remarkably even-keeled through a turbulent first couple seasons in the NHL by avoiding most of what is said or written about him. But he knows there are those who doubt him.

"It's a big hockey market and there's always things going around," he said Tuesday after practice. "I mean if there's no story, there has to be a story. I guess the goalie's always in the spotlight too.

"Either you're the hero or the guy that everyone's blaming."

Trivia Wednesday - Gustavsson only has 1 win with the players in front of him scoring less than 4 goals; Friday's 4-3 (but really 3 goal) SO win against Dallas. With his season sv% of .901 and the Leafs giving up an average of 31 shots against a game, playing the averages, the Leafs can only win when they score over 3 goals. So uh yeah, continue to do that and Jonas Gustavsson will be "just fine".

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