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Leafs are First*. Leafs are Last.

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First and Last - The 5th Line Centre

I think it is safe to say that this team will not be able to rely on keeping the puck out of their own net. With what can be generously be described as a pathetic PK and a PP that rarely establishes offensive zone pressure there will be trouble ahead for these guys. That is what will make or break this team as the year progresses. In the NHL no team has a chance of success with a 30th ranked PK, plain and simple unless you run one of the best PP in the league.

These Leafs do not.

Good points. More links after the jump.

Leafs Links

Joffrey Lupul and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Blue Chip Prospects says it's the right player for the right team.


Jeffler also loves Lupul finding his game with the Leafs.

Win Lifts Leafs to Top of NHL

Written before the Penguins beat Sharks (Written before Sharks beat Pens in case I'm wrong)

Game #13 in 10

11 - MacArthur passed up a chance at the hattie for an assist to Grabbo. Jerk.

Top Norris Candidates

Phaneuf #2. Not sure how Weber is #3 so far.

The Real Penalty Killing Problems

Anthony Petrielli breaks down the Leafs PK failures.

Kadri, Franson, and Frattin: Frustrated Guys?

With the play of their replacements (Crabb and Gardiner) I don't see how they could be.