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Another goalie injury, another controversy in net?

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With the news that James Reimer has suffered a setback in his return from an upper-body injury (very obviously a concussion), there seems to potentially be a new controversy in net.  The story should sound familiar by now, as goaltending has been the Leafs most unsettled position since the lockout.  While Jonas Gustavsson has played well enough to win some games, his performances were no where near as impressive as that of Ben Scrivens' 38 save performance on Thursday night (in Columbus).  Scrivens looked much more relaxed in net and is better at playing the puck.  That said, as long as Gustavsson isn't losing games, it may not matter all that much.  I'd expect to see Gustavsson back in net against Boston tonight, but if Scrivens gets the call and puts in another strong performance, things may get a little more complicated for Brian Burke & Co.

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