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Trouble in Paradise

Last night's game was uglier than PPP's mustache. The Leafs have been outscored 13-2 by Boston in two games this year, and no longer sit in first place in the NHL. It's safe to say that the Leafs are not as good of a team as their record suggests. As Vintage Leaf Memories writes:

The Leafs have been piling up points against all comers, but some of their success came against clubs that were struggling as well as back-up goalies or first-stringers who were off their game. They have absolutely been full measure for their record, but we all knew—and know—that there has been at least a small mirage element to all this.

Last night’s game was no more or less than one game, just like all the games earlier this season. But the Bruins looked a bit more like the team that played hard to get to the finals this past spring as the Eastern Conference representatives. And the Leafs looked, well, they looked like a team full of guys that felt pretty pleased with themselves for starting the season with a record of 9-3-1.

The Leafs admit they played poorly in Columbus and didn't compete at all last night. Let's hope they wake up for Florida on Tuesday.

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