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Leafs Realize They're Overachieving

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Maple Leafs Get Their Wake-Up Call In Loss to Bruins - James Reimer Mirtle at the Globe and Mail

"We talked about that the last game against Columbus," Leafs defenceman Carl Gunnarsson said after putting in his worst outing of the season against the Bruins. "Their goalie had a really bad game [in a 4-1 Leafs win]. We got a little bit lucky.

"We didn’t play well. The big fear for us was just having some bad habits from that game and bringing them into this one. Which we did. Right now we just need to get out of it."

Out of context, those hardly sound like the words from a player logging the third most ice time on a team that’s 9-4-1 and sitting second in the Eastern Conference.

But if there’s something truly encouraging about the Leafs after such an awful loss, it’s that they realize they need to be far better – regardless of how good their record says they are – in order to finally make the playoffs.

Good to hear. More links after the jump.

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