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Tim Connolly Always Triumphs!

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"It's just a flesh wound", they say. Just another one of those "upper body injuries". Tim Connolly is going to miss between 10 days and two weeks with an undisclosed injury. Of course, the way the Leafs' front office has been diagnosing injuries lately (James Reimer may have been completely decapitated for all we know) it could be even longer. At least James Mirtle can report that it has nothing to do with Connolly's recently injured shoulder:

"It's totally unrelated to the earlier injury," Wilson said. "He got hurt in the game the other night [against Boston]. I said it's upper body; I'm not going to get into specifics. He got hurt on the first penalty kill; he left the ice for a bit and then he felt okay.

Naturally, the possibility exists that Wilson is lying about that aspect of the injury as well. Who knows?

The bright side to all this? Matt Frattin has already been recalled, and will get another chance to finally score his first NHL goal. I guess that might only be a bright side if your name is Matt Frattin.

Anyway, Mirtle's article has the (probable) starting lineup for tonight, as well as a number of other notes and thoughts from Wilson in the audio section, so check it out.

Follow me over the jump for plenty of other great links that will help you get through the day. If yesterday's meager list was the purging, today is the gorging. Enjoy, fatsos.

Leafs Links:

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Rating the ACC
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Curt S at Blue Chip Prospects wonders if the play of these two will force Leafs' management to make a trade. Personally, I'm not holding my breath just yet.


Other Hockey Links:

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