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Who Wants to Win a Prize?

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An Opportunity to Win the "Shot Quality" Prize - Hawerchuk at Arctic Ice/Behind the Net

Quoth James Mirtle: "It's comical at this point how poor the Leafs PK continues to be. I don't even know what more there is to write on it after three years."

Toronto's Save % at 4-on-5:

2007-08: 855 (28th)

2008-09: 824 (30th)

2009-10: 848 (28th)

2010-11: 835 (30th)

2011-12: 829 (28th)

Now we know that Toronto's goaltending has absolutely sucked during most of this time, but their performance on the PK is even worse than we would expect. What's the deal? Show us some systematic analysis of Toronto's failures and you could win the "Shot Quality" prize.

So super sleuths of PPP, get cracking.

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Ginger Snowflake gives up this epic quote: "Pink jerseys. Girls who wear a pink colored jersey of a team are barely above Hitler."

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Leafs Ownership Change and Why it Makes Sense

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