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Leafs 1.0 Beat Leafs 2.0 - Booyah

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What I've Like About Phil Kessel's Game This Year - Mike from Vintage Leaf Memories

There is no doubt that other guys have had their moments on offense and contributed to the cause, helping the Leafs get off to their first truly decent start in, well, years. (Connolly, for example, was the difference-maker against Carolina.) And certainly Lupul has had a major influence on Kessel’s performance. I don’t think there is too much debate about that.

But Kessel, for me, is the entertainer, the guy who is pure fun to watch right now. There are nights he just seems to have that puck on a string. He can cut around a defenseman and whether he is successful or not, he creates anxiety on his side of the ice for the defender whose job it is to keep him on the outside—and off the score sheet.

Scoring goals. Being awesome. More links after the jump.

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