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Bill Watters: There's a Reason He's Unemployed

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On XM radio last night Bill Watters claimed that Jim Rutherford and Brian Burke had a deal in place involving Eric Staal that was on hold because of Brian Burke's roster freeze. Bill Watters went on to claim that the deal would be completed after the roster freeze was lifted.

This is nonsensical for about twelve reasons, but most notably if Brian Burke has a roster freeze for the holidays he isn't talking about trading players. No NHL GM is going to agree to a trade and then keep playing the guys he moved for weeks; it's poor risk management. If Eric Staal gets hurt, despite it being a short term effect on the deal, the trade is likely off.

Bob McKenzie did what an actual media member with access should do and went to the source. He asked Jim Rutherford about a potential Eric Staal trade:

"I have no interest whatsoever in trading Eric Staal or Cam Ward. That's not going to happen." -- Jim Rutherford

Nice try Billo. It seems when it comes to rumors, much like Eklund or Incarcerated Bob, Bill Watters is a first of April credibility kind of guy.

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