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You get a pink slip, and you get a pink slip, and you get a pink slip....

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With the news this morning that (noted idiot) GM Pierre Gauthier has fired head coach Jacques Martin of the Montreal Canadiens, the total number of coaches who have been replaced in-season has risen to six. At the same time, news is surfacing that Maple Leafs head coach Ron Wilson has been quietly negotiating a contract extension with GM Brian Burke. Burke, who earlier this year made several statements hinting that the Leafs would only consider an extension for Wilson if Toronto made the playoffs, seems to have shifted in his seat (so to speak). With the Leafs mired in an extended downturn, one has to wonder if the timing is right on this rumored extension. This Toronto team probably has enough talent and depth to make the playoffs in a wide open Eastern Conference. At the same time, their AHL team's head coach, Dallas Eakins has started to gain national press as a potential NHL coach. The Marlies sit second in the AHL's Western Conference, and have the second best penalty kill in the league at 87%.

This is where I turn the conversation over to the masses. How should the Leafs proceed? Vote below. Links after the jump.

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